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SHOCKING! These 10 Foods Are Killing You Slowly

10 Foods Are Killing You Slowly
Food can be defined as any substance that is consumed to provide an organism with the nutritional support required for it's daily activities and healthy living.
It is normally of animal or plant origin and contains essential nutrients. For every organism to remain strong and healthy it must eat healthy foods, which means that some foods are actually unhealthy. There are many medical reports which claim that what you eat are not good for you, yet they don't back their claims with any solid proofs to clarify our doubts.
Let's take a look at these top 10 foods that can kill you anytime closer than you ever thought. Please remember to share, you might save a life today!

Top 10 foods that can kill you

These foods listed below are some of the foods that are not really harmless to the body. In most cases, it's better to go for the natural alternatives of the foods listed since they all contain the same nutrients. many of the artificial foods are added artificial sweeteners and extra sugars in order to beat their competitors but these sugars have adverse effects on the consumers.
Excessive eating of sugar is associated with diseases like include obesity, type II diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

1) Fruit Juices

Have you ever bothered to know the contents of these popular fruit juices? It is worth knowing that majority of them contain the same amount of sugar sugar with Coca Cola,plus many other preservatives. Since orange juice contains these substance with the natural orange, have you every settled down to wonder why the natural oranges spoil after a few days but the juices remain fora couple of months, and even years.
There are many preservatives that are used in the manufacturing of these juices that make them to last long but have adverse effects on the consumers. If you're left with two options, it'll be better to choose the natural oranges than the processed orange juices.

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2) Margarine And Fake Butters

Butter is very healthy but margarine is not. Margarine is a processed food that contains unhealthy and artificial ingredients. Instead of using margarine, go for real grass-fed butter instead because margarine contains some harmful ingredients that can make you sick.
While grass-fed butter contains Vitamin K2 and fatty acid butyrate which are both very good for the body.
Other disadvantages of using margarine include:
- It contributes to heart attacks.
- It increases cholesterol in the body.
- It lowers quality of breast milk.
- It decreases insulin response
- It decreases immune response
- Margarine is high in trans fatty acids.

3) "Healthy" Breakfast Cereals

Don't be fooled by the attractive labels and advertisement banners, many of the commonly used cereals are actually not as healthy as you think. Take a look at their ingredients and you'll be shocked to see the quantity of sugar you consume of a daily basis.
Ignore the labels their labels that read fat-free, low-fat, whole grain and other things like that, the real harmful contents are not sampled.

4) Whole Wheat

Whole Wheat is actually healthier than the refined, but that doesn't make it healthy. Calling it healthy because it's healthier is the same as calling filtered cigarettes healthy just because they are healthier than the unfiltered cigarettes. It is simply flawed logic used by the marketers to promote their products.
There are so many reasons why you should avoid wheat no matter the packaging or variety. They are a major source of gluten and so many people are gluten sensitive. The immune system of the gluten sensitives individuals attack these gluten proteins when they find their way to the digestive track.
These on the other hand can damage the digestive tract lining, causing stool inconsistency, pains, tiredness, bloating and other unfriendly conditions.
Moreover, the fibre in wheat have been proven to burn vitamins rapidly, causing you vitamin D deficiency according to recent researches.

5) Sports Drinks

These are drinks which were made for athletes that just completed an intense sports activity and are probably sweating massively which may cause the depletion of glycogen in the body. 
To achieve these, the sports drinks contain:
Sugar - to provide the athletes with required energy after such intense workout.
Water - will help to replenish the lost fluid.
Electrolytes - is to replace electrolytes such as sodium which were lost through sweating.
However, you don't really need any additional electrolytes in your body unless you're doing a very intense workout because most of the foods we eat are already rich in sugar.

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6) "Heart-Healthy" Vegetable Oils

In order to help the consumers check on their saturated fat consumption, they began to eat more nasty things like the industrial seeds and vegetable oils. These oils are gotten from their seeds through harsh processing techniques and are usually subjected to extreme heat conditions, toxic solvent hexane and bleaching.
Maybe you don't really know how our soybean, cottonseed and corn oil are produced, well it's through these methods. 
Vegetable oils are generally unhealthy and can lead to many things such as inflammation (this is a major cause of so many chronic diseases). In fact, they play a big role in the Western diseases epidemic.
The human body needs minute amounts of fatty acids and they are already contained in our meats and nuts. Too much of it would result in health issues.
NOTE: Olive oils are good for you and are excluded from the list.

7) Low-Fat or Fat-Free Foods

Stay away from any food that is labelled 'fat-free' or 'low-fat',they are simply heavily processed products and contain a lot of harmful substances such as sugar. Despite the propaganda against saturated fats in the last decades, they haven't really been proven to harmless.
When the anti-fat first started, manufactures grabbed the opportunity and started producing 'fat-free' products which they termed 'healthy'. However, the major issue becomes that foods that had their fats removed tasted more like crap, so the food manufacturers had to include artificial sweeteners which are harmful to the consumers.
In short, they simply removed the good stuff and replaced it with bad stuff.

8) Gluten-Free Junk Foods

Almost 30% of the United States population want to go gluten free, or rather are cutting back on their general gluten intake. The food manufactures in the U.S are utilizing the opportunity to offer them gluten-free food as 'healthy'.
Removing just a harmful substance from food doesn't make it healthy, it only made it a bit healthier than it was. Instead of taking gluten grains, they are now made to consume highly refined tapioca starch,potato starch and a lot of other unhealthy nutrients.
Not only these, they are also loaded with plenty artificial and harmful chemicals in the name of preservatives or other additives.
It is best to avoid these foods.

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9) Low Carb Junk Foods

Most of the low-carb processed food items in the supermarkets and stores are highly unhealthy and contain a lot of artificial ingredients. These low-carb junks started becoming popular of recent because of the 'low-fat'trend. Many consumers in the process of cutting their general fat consumption, have started going for more harmful food items.
In losing weight by taking carb-low foods, you're actually eating something unhealthy. It is best to take unprocessed foods if you want to do a low carb diet.

10) Canned Tomato Sauce

Whether canned or the recent sachet tomato sauces, they are still the same thing and should be avoided. The truth is that unlike the natural tomatoes, these processed sauces are another hidden sources of sugar and increase your chances of suffering from diseases like dietetics. obesity, heart disease and tooth decay.
It is best to make your own sauce or go for brands which contain less of sodium and sugar. Also remember that these processed tomato sauces are preserved with some chemicals that might not be good for you.

How many of these foods do you take everyday?
Drop us a comment and don't forget to share, you can save someone's life today.

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