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6 Awesome Tips To Stay Fit When Pregnant

6 Awesome Tips To Stay Fit When Pregnant
So you just found out that you're pregnant and now everyone is all smiles? You must have read tons of manuals and guides about pregnancy health tips (it probably isn't your first pregnancy or you were expecting it)!
Now what is next? Have you thought about some tips that you should apply, which the doctor might not remember to tell you? Some things like calories, should put under check and you should take care of the way you stress yourself.
Well, how would you know if no one told you? We are here today with these awesome tips that will help you to stay fit during pregnancy.
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6 Tips That Will Help You Stay Fit Through Pregnancy As A Woman

Some of the tips are things we already come across everyday, some are very rare, but they all are essential. Keep on reading!

- Cut your intake of sugar and junk carbs

This has been said timeless times and would still be said again, calories are not helpful to you. Junk carbs and sugar will only increase your fluid gains and pregnancy weight, which is not so advisable. 
The other processed carbohydrates such as pasta, white bread, bakes products and breakfast cereals will also be broken down in your body and form the same reactions as with raw sugar.
If eventually you do not burn the excess blood sugar as fuel, the hormone insulin will convert them to fat and store them in the adipose tissues which are around the boobs, hips, arms and stomach. The sugar and junk carbs will as well prevent your body from using them as fuel.
Fruits also contain fructose, and it is a kind of sugar. Overtaking them will cause an increase in your fat stores and you should try limiting your intake to two servings per day. This might not be so easy, but it is advisable.

- Take enough fats and proteins

Females are often scared of fats and avoid them, thinking that it would make them grow fat. They end up going for the low fat options instead if the full fat whole products.
By eating healthy saturated and mono fats such as coconut oil, avocado oil, olive oil and butter, you will be providing yourself with some fat soluble vitamins like the Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin E and Vitamin K which will be absorbed later.
It is not only essential to your pregnant self, but to the baby you are carrying too. Quality meats, eggs and full diary fats will provide you with the mono fats and saturated fats you need for a complete healthy being. The proteins will also turn off hormones which alert you of hunger, making you stop junks and stabilize blood glucose body level.

- Increase your intake of water

Taking enough water will help to make sure you are always hydrated and reduce pregnancy nausea and weakness. It will also stop over-eating.
It is advisable to take at least two litres of water a day or even more if you are engaging in any exercise.

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- Sleep and recovery

You should ensure you take enough physical rest, as our body improves and adapts while we are still recovering. Get yourself to sleep early enough and a dark room is better off, with a minimum of 8-hours sleep. Remember you are carrying a baby and need more rest than usual.
No athlete would take part in his training for 9 months, so you should not ignore this part of your period.

- Do enough good exercise

Partake in exercising activities, especially doing something you love. For example, of you hate swimming naturally, then avoid it when pregnant.
However you may need to carry out some modifications such as a reduction in your excising intensity and duration, because the body might be having hard times adapting too. Just choose some specific activities you'd enjoy and carry them out.

- Mind your posture too

If is best to stand up straight when pregnant. By rounding your shoulders and bending your body, you are reducing the space the baby has to grow comfortably. 
Good posture will also help reduce your hip and lower back pains and improve the strength of the pelvic floor muscles.

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