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6+1 Amazing Health Benefits Of The Cucumber

Health Benefits Of The Cucumber
We all love cucumbers, and I personally have a taste of it at least once every three days.
The long, greenish fruit is one of the most popular, and except in some very critical health issues, I haven't seen anyone who has had a negative advise concerning using it.
The cucumber, or lessly known as cuke, is widely cultivated and a member of the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. It has a creeping vine and bears cucumiform fruits which are used as vegetables [WikiPedia]. There are three main varieties of this fruit, the pickling, the seedless and the slicing and within these varieties, so many cultivars have been created.

The health benefits of this fruit cannot be underestimated, and they are also very much inexpensive. They contain very low amount of calories and so many important minerals and vitamins. They also have a good deal of water contents and a good consumption of cucumbers can help you gain a balanced hydration, lower blood sugar level, weight loss and digestive regularity.

They also have high fibre content however it is not always advisable to eat them at night. This is because their indigestion will trigger flatulence and bloating, which the human body will try to eliminate in the form of burps and farts. If you form gas in your tummy by eating broccoli and onions, then you should restrict consuming cucumbers especially at night  and also keep your food intake on a light note.
There are so many other awesome benefits which have been linked to the cucumbers, and there have been fallacies associated with it. For instance, some people believe they aren't so nutritious because of their high water contents and pale color. However, this isn't true as its water content is also one of it's top advantages.

Benefits Of Constant Consumption Of Cucumbers You Would Love To Check Out

The benefits of constant consumption of cucumbers are so much to be on a blog page, however will we'll see 6+1 more of these awesome benefits.
I'm sure you'd love them more after this.

- Cucumbers help reduce risks of cancer

Cancers are one of the worst health issues now, and everyone is fighting to get them out of our world. Cucumbers are also in that fight. Together with kale, sesame seeds, broccoli, flax, apricots, strawberries and other plant foods, they contain a substance called lignans. The bacteria present in our digestive tracts convert these lignans into compounds which bind onto the estrogen receptors. Some recent studies also suggest that they may aid to protect the body from estrogen-related cancers, which include cancers of the uterus, ovary, breast and prostrate.

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- Cucumbers promote bone health

Vitamin Km is a major nutrient in the cucumbers, and it is very essential for our bone health. A cup if cucumber together with the peel can supply you with up to 20% of the recommended Vitamin K daily target and it is essential for our bone formation.
Low Vitamin K level in the body can lead to increased fracture risk and osteoporosis.

- Cucumbers help to soothe the skin

The pulp of the cucumbers contain vitamin C, caffeic acid (this contains anti-inflammatory properties) and water. The combo help to trigger some kind of soothing effects on the skin, which further help to reduce swelling and skin irritation. This might actually be one of the major reasons why cucumbers have long been used as a home remedy for sunburn and acne.

- They help to fight bad breath

One of the most common causes of bad breath is the odor produced from bacteria attacks on trapped food particles. The fluid in cucumbers and the saliva production which is triggered by its chewing aid to cleanse the mouth, thereby washing away these smelly substances which trap bacteria and cause bad breath in humans.

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- Cucumbers are awesome for weight management

These awesome nature given gifts are low in calories but contain enough fluid and fibre. These three characteristics alone are awesome for promotion of weight loss. One medium sized cucumber will provide you with a quarter of the calories a medium sized apple will provide. 

- They are also hydrating

According to an information from the United States Department of Agriculture, one medium sized cucumber contains about 194 grams of fluids. This equates about 7 ounces and adding sized cucumbers also adds flavor which will even increase your intake of water.

- Cucumbers may also help to boost cardiovascular health

Cukes contain dozens of antioxidants such as flavonoids and they help to protect you from heart diseases. The seeds are also very beneficial to the human cardiovascular health.
Some researches have been carried out and they have been able to prove that people who consume more of cucumbers will stand a chance to enjoy overall health, and the cardiovascular health isn't an exemption.

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