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Top 7 Driving Tips To Help Keep You Away From Accidents

Driving Tips To Help Keep You Away From Accidents
Accidents no matter how minor, are undesired. They could occur anywhere and anytime, our homes, at school, at work, on air, in water and even on land.
No matter where, they probably could have been avoided. For example, accidents in the home could have been avoided by adopting healthier and safer habits. Accidents in the school can be steered clear if we stay safe from sharp objects, rough games and do a few other things. Accidents in the work place are also not avoidable and air accidents and crashes can be checked by taking good care of the airplane.
Today we want to discuss accidents on the road. We want to talk about eight major tips that will help you stay safe on the road, despite the number of annual automobile accidents we experience. Believe me, 80% of these accidents could have been avoided if either one or both of the victims were a bit more careful. Remember it happens in a jiffy, and people are down. If you could obey the traffic rules, avoid over speeding and do a few other things, then you could be assured of a safer ride.
We will see a few more of these tips below. Happy Reading!

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7 Awesome Driving Tips That Will Help You Stay Away From Road Accidents

With these 7 tips, you could cut down the rate of accidents on our highways today.

- Avoid Over Speeding

There are times we are tempted to over speed, and some people actually think it's more fun. How many times have you sat down to evaluate the differences in seriousness between an accident while on speed and the other? Moreover, when you are speeding, if you happen to have an accident, you will be so nervous that you will find it hard to control the vehicle.
The car may somersault, or jam the obstruction and cause more damages. Always obey speed limits and you will be welcoming a safer driving.

- Always Obey Traffic Rules

Speed limits, zebra crossing signs and all other signs on the roads are there to guide you and shouldn't be neglected. If everyone on the roads respect the driving speed limit, then accidents would be cut to the minimum.

Some other traffic rules and regulations include:
- Always overtake from the right direction.
- Do not drink and drive.
- Do not drive when sick or feeling sleepy.
- Obey all road traffic signs.
- Drivers of goods only vehicles aren't allowed to carry passengers.
- When road repair or work is in progress, slow down to a maximum of 25 km/hour.
- Do not break suddenly, except there is a safety reason for  doing that.
- Use the horn only when essential and never in silence only zones.
- Never cross the yellow lines dividing the roads even when overtaking and so many others.
They might vary with demographics, but their differences aren't always much. Always obey them.

- Never Drink And Drive

This is one of the most neglected driving rules in the African and other black parts of the world. It is also still neglected in the Western regions and this is so bad. Drinking and driving is a capital driving offence and if should any reasons you go for a party and would drive, always avoid alcohol.
They will influence your driving skills and can cause you to drive recklessly, overtake on the wrong side and even crash into obstructions and road standbys.
Sometime earlier this year, in the Western part of Nigeria, a man went clubbing at night and was missing for so many days. He was later found dead in his car, and he had crashed into a road sign. We didn't need an autopsy to know that he was drunk or did we?

- Never drive when you are sick

We are humans and cannot give a 100% assurance that we would never fall sick. When ever you are not feeling alright, get someone to drive you, whether a friend or a relative to avoid affecting other road users negatively.
The same goes to the other people, if a relative isn't feeling to alright, whether psychological, physically or otherwise, don't allow them to man a vehicle. You can drive them or get someone else to do that if you're not good at driving.

- Never pick calls when on the stirring

Driving like many other chores deserves full attention and concentration, to avoid negatively affecting other road users. Making calls while on the steering will divide your attention, making you lose the concentration you need to drive effectively. This can on the other hand cause road accidents and clashes.
In some modern countries, it can even earn you some penalties such as loosing your driving licences and so on.

- Always ignore aggressive drivers

There are times you would want to drive across a road, then a driver would pop out from the moon and recklessly drive across you, nearly hitting you. If they don't scratch your vehicle, then there is no need to waste anytime. Just ignore them and move on your business.
Not only could an argument result in a fight, but it can make you lose a deal somewhere else. No matter what, it isn't worth the attention.

- Never neglect speed limits

The speed limits are there for you and shouldn't be neglected, they were set for your safety. By exceeding the speed limits, you're not only putting yourself at the risk of a severe motor accident but also putting the lives of the other road users like motorists and pedestrians at a great risk. If everyone obeys the already set speed limit for the different roads, then our roads will to an extent, become free of accidents.

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